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Off Scene Issue

Hey guys, I’ve setup a scene that turns all the lights off so I can access it via my iPhone lock screen.

My issue is, at night when I have all my lights dimmed, when I select the off scene when executing it seems to flash all lights to 100% brightness and then turn off.

Can you please fix this so it just turns them off.



That sounds annoying, are you able to submit a ticket and give me a message with the ticket number and I’ll take a look.

Thanks mate, #495177 raised

Cool, it’s my sunday atm, but I’ve set a reminder to take a look tomorrow :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve had a look.

So what’s happening is the API will, for each device, set the HSBK value from the scene and the power setting at the same time. So the device is changing to that HSBK value whilst also turning off.

I’ve added a card to the backlog to have a look at how we can be smarter with that. In the meantime, a quick workaround is to set your lights to zero brightness and power off and save the scene with that.

Awesome thanks mate, another reason why I love this brand so much, unbelievable support!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Always happy to help!

Hey Delfick, just wondering if you guys have found a way to deal with this better yet. Cheers!

I don’t believe there’s been any movement on this sorry.