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Off-the-shelf “jumper” or “non-lit extension cables” for Lightstrip?

I want to run one 1m Lightstrip across the back of my desk and another 1m behind my monitor off the one controller. I glean from posts like this that jumper cables to connect two strips exist (maybe even first party?), but I can’t find them on the .eu Lifx store and my google-fu is failing me.

Even though I’d rather not, if all else fails I have the tools to build one myself—what’s the pin spacing on the connectors? Are they keyed? Anything else I should know?

Ah, now I’ve found these which is almost exactly what I want, but they say “only 1m between Lifx strips” (and only sell 1m lengths) and I need about 1.5m.

I know a little about these things and assume the problem is either signal degradation or voltage drop due to resistance of the wires. Has anyone found another brand with thicker wires rated for longer runs?

Two empirical results:

  1. The connectors are keyed (this is good, but a little bit of a PITA if you want to build custom ones.)

  2. Daisy chaining two 1m cables between two strips doesn’t work.

It very specifically doesn’t work though (the second strip doesn’t light up at all, rather than it just being flaky) which leads me to believe the firmware in the LED driver chips is very specifically measuring the voltage drop and if it’s above a certain threshold it refuses to turn the whole strip on. Can anyone confirm for me if this is the case, which would indicate it still might be possible to construct a longer cable which would work?