Ok Google not working

I have Nexus 5 (Android 6.0.1 and latest Google app) and Lifx bulbs. I am able to turn on and off lights from the Lifx app just fine.
When I try to turn on lights using “OK Google” then it just opens up search with my phrase.
My lights are in cloud and I have different phrases like " Ok Google, turn on my lights", “Ok Google, Turn on all the lights”, “Ok Google, Turn on all the lights on Lifx” and so on.
When I say “Ok Google, play Rihanna” then it opens up Spotify so “Ok Google” works fine.
I am connected to the same WiFi network as the bulbs are.
Any ideas what I’m missing?
Should I be able to turn on the lights just using my Android phone?

Found a solution. Had to change my phone system language to English. Google assistant was not available for my language. Then I could change lights using Google Assistant.