Outside fixture use

So I know technically using a bulb in an outside fixture is frowned upon and will void the warranty, but has anyone tried it? I’d like to put one in my porch light which will be covered from any precipitation but will be exposed to freezing temps, not sure how it would respond.

I used a couple of LIFX Originals in outdoor fixtures for Christmas, and they did fine. However, that was only for a month or so. And this is Southern California, so freezing isn’t an issue for me.

The bulbs are not rated for outdoor use because they are not sealed and rely on airflow to cool themselves. If you put them somewhere that is sealed then they may heat up too much to operate, and if you leave them unsealed then they can build up precipitation which can kill the electronics.

If you can find a way to deal with both those issues then you might be successful. As you said though we don’t recommend operating the bulbs in outside fixtures, and we cant recommend it.

patrick0280, I have a LIFX bulb on our front porch in a standard BR30 recessed lighting fixture so that I can have color effects and auto lighting on the porch. It’s not a sealed fixture so doesn’t have any issue with air flow and keeps moisture from building up. It’s also protected from the elements since it’s up in the ceiling (also protects against would be theives since it’s over 12ft up). I’ve been running it for about 6 months without any issues. We’re coming up to the hot months here in TX so I’ll see how it does over the summer with the heat.

With that said, I don’t expect any support from LIFX if I have any issues with this bulb.

Hi there, how is the Texan summer treating your bulbs?

So far so good. We’ve had a lot of rain and high temps and so far, no issues with the BR-30 Color 1000. We’ll see how the rest of the summer goes with the high humidity and temps.

The bulb is powered, but the light off and is only used between dusk and dawn when the temps are lower, so the high humidity and daytime temps may not be as much of an issue.

Any update? My wife wants to use these outside for Halloween, and then Christmas. We’re in NJ so it gets pretty cold here during the winter, and hot during the summer.

Haven’t had any issues with the bulbs outside, but they have not been exposed to any rain since they are protected under the front porch/garage and they are not in an enclosed fixture. I’ll see how they work over the winter here, but we don’t get terribly cold for long so don’t anticipate any issues.

The 3rd Generation Lifx bulbs are rated for outdoor use.

Where is this stated? I want to use my 3rd gens bulbs outside to help with my ring doorbell at night

I have 3 “Original” outside. 2 of them inside glass globes (hence sealed) and one in a non-sealed enclosure.

I live in Bangkok, so temperatures are quite high, even at night.

They have been out there for 16 months with no problem.

My 2 cents

I misread, looks like the BR30 is the only one suitable for outdoor use