Pattern to look like a rotating beacon

I work from home and I’d like to set up a bulb above my office door to flash a pattern (preferably like a rotating beacon light) to warn people (ahem, spouse and kids) that I’m in a meeting and can’t break to discuss other matters. I’m wondering if this functionality exists or if someone can assist me with customization.

I think the only light that has addressable pixels is the Candle Color, so if you wanted something that actually appears to spin, that’s the only one which could do that. If you’re happy with an approximation, like a pulsing light which fades up and down, pretty much any product will support a “breathe” animation.

If you were wanting this to be somehow automated, you’d probably need a bit of code to activate the “breathe” animation based on some external action, although it’s possible something like a Flic button could do this - I haven’t fully investigated what Flic can do to a light on its own beyond turning it on/off/up/down.

(Flic + Photons Interactor) or (Flic + Home Assistant) could achieve this.

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