"Persist" field broken for Pulse & Breathe alerts on firmware 1.20

Hi there,

Developer from the Yonomi engineering team here. We’re seeing strange behaviour around the pulse & breathe alerts and have a couple of users reporting the same issue through our support channels. The “persist” field no longer appears to have any effect and in some cases the bulb always sticks on the new color despite persist being set to false or not being present (should default to false).

This appears to have been affected by a firmware change and I was just able to reproduce the issue after not seeing it on a LIFX Color 1000 bulb on firmware version 1.13, then updating the bulb to firmware version 1.20 and suddenly seeing it occur.

From what I understand and can see, the persist field is supposed to default to false, but in any case, the bulb always acts as if persist = true – regardless of whether the field is set to false, true, or whether it’s present in the payload at all – and leaves the bulb on the new color.

Breathe alerts seem to be different and seems to always leave the bulb in the original state, again, regardless of the persist value.

As far as I can tell this definitely seems to be a bug with the new firmware in some way.

Any advice?


I’m experiencing the same bug.