Photons Interactor - Docker Container

@Djelibeybi - Are you still maintaining the docker image for Photons Interactor? - I can only find a 3 year old image on docker hub and I was wondering if there was a new one supporting new functionality?

(in particular I was hoping there was new switch controls i.e. change colour etc in code)


The official one is documented here: Running the Interactor from Docker — Photons 0.1 documentation

However, while @delfick has added the button messages to Photons itself, neither of us has added any further switch support to Interactor. You’d have to use query or set with the new message types to update the settings.

To be honest, I haven’t actually tried to do this myself yet, so if you do work it out, please do share what does (and does not ) work. :slight_smile:

that page seems to suggest a very old version, I’ve updated the page to avoid that problem hahaha

But as Avi points out, interactor doesn’t have any high level commands for switch functionality, but it does support the messages. Feel free to start a discussion over on Discussions · delfick/photons · GitHub if you can’t figure it out. Interactor doesn’t have very extensive documentation.