Please add 3700K and 3200K

3200K is a popular colour, and quite a number of people have requested that it be made available in the Day and Dusk bulb. Please could you do that, and also make 3700K available for all bulbs. The whites close to 3500K are the ones which are the most popular, and 3700K is a really good neutral white. Not too cold, and not too yellow. I’m able to create it in my living room, as I have six Day & Dusk bulbs in the ceiling lights and have set them to a mix of 3500K and 4000K, and it’s my preferred setting for mornings. I’d love to be able to use it in other bulbs where you only get the effect of one bulb at a time, such as a bedside light or a desk lamp.

Hi @Sophie,

If you go into Settings > Advanced Options, there is an option for “Advanced White Wheel” which gives you the option for more granular control over the white wheel, so you can select whichever kelvin value you like.

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Wow, I am going to have so much fun with that! Thank you!

But most people aren’t going to want the advanced white wheel, or indeed know it’s buried in the settings, so my suggestion remains. 3700K is a great coolish-neutral white, 3200K is a very handy warm white, please make them available for all bulbs. The Day & Dusk bulbs recently had its range of cool whites expanded, which was nice to see, and I bet a 3700K would be much more popular than that.

Also the advanced white wheel is buggy. It tells me that various lights which I know for sure are set to 3500K are in fact on 5750K, and the 4000K ones are on 6500K. When I start editing them, they immediately move to the much cooler setting that they said they were set at. I moved thr wheel to 3700K, saved the scene, then went back to see what the lights were set to, and they were marked as 5750K again.

Hi @Sophie,

Can you confirm whether you’re using iOS or Android? Also, what types of LIFX lights are you using it on?

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Android. My lamps are a mixture of Day and Dusk, and Color 1000.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll get that issue fixed up in the next release.

Great. Can you see what’s causing it? It’s pretty well hidden as a feature, so I’m guessing it’s not being tried much and you won’t have had much feedback yet.

I think it’s a great feature, but it would be easier to use if it was segments for the different temperatures available, rather than the spectrum that’s appropriate for the colours mixed with white. You certainly don’t need to make it every single degree like you do with the colours, and in fact 50K between segments is probably more than would be needed, I bet 100K would be fine.

Is there any chance of getting 3200K and 3700K in the main white wheels? You already know that 3200K is popular, that 3500K and 4000K are used a lot, and that people are picky about shades of white.

While LEDs have improved enormously, it’s still hard getting a good warm white, and I do find the 3500K can feel a bit too yellow. I end up using it because it’s the brightest option, not necessarily because it’s the best shade of white you can get from these bulbs. Adding 3700K wouldn’t involve changing the hardware, obviously changing to a different warm white chip would be a massive deal, but it would be a really useful option for users that’s easy to implement.


I’ve also reported this through Play Store beta program feedback ~2-4 weeks ago. Additionally I mentioned I’d expect the value to display an average kelvin value for a group of lights if editing a group. Also more importantly the feature would be a lot more user friendly if it was not a full 360 wheel as the color wheel but would instead stop on either end. Accidentally rotating from 1500K to 9000K in the evening is quite unpleasant with several lights in the vicinity! :slight_smile:

BTW - Is this forum currently the best place to give app feedback or report bugs? In the past (for several years) I’ve used the feedback menu item on the app and always reached someone but it seems to have disappeared. I tried finding a path to submit bug reports/app feedback through support section but since I didn’t find any “entry point” to do this, so I figured the app beta feedback would be the way to go but have not received any acknowledgement of someone reading it.


Is this anywhere near being fixed yet?

I’m also seeing this behaviour here on Android, on a range of lights from Colour 1000s, White 800s, Minis (Colour and D&D), A60s. Setting a temperature using advanced white wheel appears to work correctly, but the reported colour when opened is always way too cool. I haven’t got a definite here, but I’d guess it’s off by around 500-800.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. With any temperature-controlled bulb:
  2. Set the temperature to a known value
  3. switch on Advanced white wheel in settings
  4. Open light again in App. Value is wrong.


  1. Switch on Advanced white wheel in settings
  2. Tap a temperature controlled bulb
  3. Set the temperature using the advanced wheel
  4. Back to all bulbs
  5. Tap the bulb again. Value is wrong.

Hope that’s useful @markh

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