Please can someone tell me

Hello there

can someone please tell me is lifx 3rd gen use pwm dimming please ?

You mean that if you put them on a fan control dimmer style thing, they’d be able to dim right? I don’t know for sure, but I believe that’s not the case, or they’d advertise it.

I had a White 800 on a dimmer only because that switch was there. Surprisingly it worked somewhat when I accidentally knocked the switch and played around it with some, but had a very loud hum no matter what I did. The solution was to remove the dimmer switch from the wall. So resistive load is out.

I have some lights on an inductive load dimmer switch for fans only because it was in that room, and I haven’t replaced it yet. There’s no hum and absolutely nothing happens when dimming.

no he means how the LED reduces the level of brightness at the LED level e.g. pulsing the LED not the process of getting the change to the bulb.

I see now. How can we verify? Would a digital camera suffice?