Please Help if you can

Good afternoon, I really appreciate your help. I’m trying (desperately) to give my mom piece of mind by enhancing my parents home security because their hearing isn’t so good. I have a Smartthings Hub, Lifx bulbs, and Samsung Multipurpose Door Sensor… I simply want the LIfx bulbs to Blink RED 5 or 6 times and then return to normal when the door sensor is triggered, so they won’t be startled when someone comes in. I’ve been trying for WEEKS to find a way to accomplish what seems like such an easy solution! I’ve searched IFTT & even tried to contact LIFX - all to no avail. I finally found some ‘conversations’ on google where people have created a Rule that could be copied & pasted in Smartthings. How do I do this? Thanks for taking the time to help. Bart

Research Webcore. It’s an app that works in coordination with Smartthings. What you were describing, Webcore can do. Webcore is a community-created smart app for Smartthings. It requires some level of tech knowledge to install but there are plenty of people on the community to help you.

Here is my rule that does what you want.