Please Help - TV signal stops working


I have a strange situation.
I have an open plan home, with 4 ceiling lights in one large room; which covers my lounge, dining and kitchen.

When I have the TV on (watching any channel) and then turn on 2 lights which are connected at the same wall switch, my TV signal will stop. The TV displays no signal.
However, I can have the light in the kitchen and lounge on and the TV will work perfectly fine.

The signal of the TV stops instantly as soon as I turn on the dining lights and as soon as I turn the switch off, the TV signal continues.

If I have the switch on, so I can use the app to control the lights, the same effect happens.

This is very confusing and also annoying.

I would love to have this fixed

Anyone have any ideas or fixes?

I’m wondering if it’s got something to do with the wall switch or the outlet itself. Sounds strange that adding more power would cause this issue with your TV. Do other LEDs do the same thing to the TV signal when they’re in there?