Power Cycle LIFX A19 Bulb ? is it Mandatory?

Hi Guys,

I just got my LIFX A19 Bulb, I am yet to install my A19 Bulb, I wanted to know do I need to Power Cycle it first, i.e. Factory Reset it by pressing On and Off 5 times before I install it the first time via the APP ? is it Mandatory first time you are trying to install the A19 Bulb ?

Thanks !

The device should already be factory reset when you get it. Is it not appearing in your phone’s wifi list?

I was watching some Videos online when people were trying to set up the LIFX A19 Bulb and they on and off it 5 times to first time to install it ? So are you saying that is not required ?

If the device is already on a network, then it needs to be factory reset before you can add it to a different network.

But if you have just taken the device out of it’s packaging, it should already be factory reset.