Power on the bulb reverts to 100% white

Last couple of days I noticed that when powering down the lights and turning them back on they revert to 100% white instead of the color they had before powering down.

anyone experiencing this also?

I have the same problem, have you been able to solve it?

I started my journey with Lifx, and this symptom is also affecting me.

Is there some threshold that after been disconnected from power (from wall toggle switch) that the Lifx bulb reverts to default white color?

After ~12 or so hours, bulbs retain the color setting.

And about ~17 or so hours later, bulb goes back to white color setting.

Maybe a developer can answer this?

This is starting to become annoying

It’s actually quite handy with the Day and Dusk bulbs if you turn them on and off during the day at the switch, as we do with my living room lights. It means you don’t need your lights on all day, but they still do their fade down through orange in the evening, and then when you turn them on in the morning and they come back on as dim orange, you can get them back to white by flipping the switch a couple of times. Unfortunately I once got the timing wrong and accidentally disconnected them from the network, so that was six bulbs to reconnect. I should really set them to fade off after midnight and back on inthr morning, shouldn’t I.