Power outage fix and beta firmware for Third Gen devices!

Why won’t the beam get it?

Does this update solve the problem with some HSBK values not being accepted in the A60?

That’s a good question. We’ve had some conversations this morning and I can confirm that we will now be adding Light Restore to the Beams as well when that firmware is ready.


We’re not entirely sure what you mean about this. But there are colour solver fixes in this firmware so the answer is probably yes.

Sweet. Thanks!

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I am talking about this problem?

Oh, that! It’s amazing how long ago that feels. This should be fixed. Please do tell us if isn’t.

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This is looking great from my perspective!

Only issue I had was updating the flakiest of my A19s - it’s out of warranty and occasionally just fails to come back after a power cycle (the dreaded purple light issue), however after a 5-switch reset it’s back and behaving.

This might force me to actually retire/relocate some of my White 800s and Colour 1000s. Just typical that I’ve ended up with the lights that will still potentially come on at 100% after a power cut in the children’s bedrooms!

I will but could you please post here when the final version is ready? I would not like to install beta firmware on the bulbs. Thanks!

Yeah, that’s not a great place for that problem.



I can understand not wanting a beta version. It should only be a few weeks and we’ll consider it ready for general consumption :slight_smile:

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Signed up here to say this solution to power outages is not much of a solution. Literally every complaint about these lights is not being able to control what happens after a power outage. For less than $8 a bulb, my Wyze bulbs allow me to set what happens. I own 4 LIFX bulbs and would love to have them in the kid’s rooms for the fun color options, but can’t risk waking them up when there’s a power outage. Include in the settings an option to either keep the previous state, or just to stay off.

(Writing this the morning after my lights came on because there was a power flicker. I have 45 smart devices on my network and LIFX bulbs are the only thing that doesn’t know how to handle a power outage.)

So once we open the beta tag again and you sign up for that tag (or at the point in a few weeks when it’s out of beta), you will get that option on the devices that have the light restore feature.

So will this give the user the ability to set whatever state they would like?

Any news on the beta firmware release? :face_with_monocle:

It seems fairly stable here, I may have spotted an issue with one light not noticing it’s been power cycled (it’s set to come back on and I think sometimes it’s staying off) but I’ll see if I can do a proper test this evening and get some reproducibles

Yep, pretty stable here too.

We’ve opened up the beta again! We’re gonna send out a survey soon and collect some more feedback, but so far everything is looking great. We’re optimistic for a full release before Christmas :slight_smile:

Ive updated my firmware to 2.80 but I can’t seem to find the light restore options. Where are they located?
Thank you!

Make sure you have the latest version of the app (so 4.6 I believe) and then there’ll be a “Light Restore” option in the main settings page for the app :slight_smile: