Power Saving Mode - Why?

Why is power saving mode enabled on my LIFX minis? It’s the only bulb that I have connection issues with and most of them have a little green leaf next to them saying power save is enabled on the device with my Unifi APs. I’m not a network guy, but reading what I have online doesn’t make it seem like a good idea. School me if I’m misinformed here, just trying to figure out why 1/2 my minis can’t stay connected with a 800 dollar network.

Power Save Mode (PSM). This is the original power-conservation technique defined in 802.11, and was tested in this article. The methodology is for the mobile device to suspend radio activity after a variable but pre-determined (by the vendor) period of inactivity, and then wake up periodically (usually about three beacon frames, which are normally 100 ms each) to see if the infrastructure has queued any traffic for it.

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I realise I am reviving an old thread, but there was never a reply to this and I believe I am having the same issue… I also have Unifi AP’s, but haven’t yet checked if the LiFX bulbs are entering power saving mode (they certainly aren’t in that mode now, but I’ve been playing with them, so that’s expected).

Is it confirmed that these devices do indeed enter some sort of power saving mode after a pre-determined period of time?