PowerShell Module: LifxLAN

I recently posted this on r/Lifx , but I thought I’d raise it here in the community as well. I’ve recently created and published a PowerShell Module to Github/PowerShell Gallery known as LifxLAN.

While it’s not feature complete, it does offer a fair amount of functionality such as setting colors, getting device details, product information, and controlling power all in a pwsh friendly way. To get started all you need to do is install it from a PowerShell command prompt with:

Install-Module -Name LifxLAN -AllowPrerelease

My thanks to the following open source projects that made this possible. I’d include more direct links, but it looks as though as new user I am limited to two.

  • LifxNet
  • LIFX-Control
  • WiresharkLIFXDissector
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