Precise Saturation and Luminance for darkroom work?

Got a lifx today for something the developers probably didn’t intend - color and black and white darkroom work.

In order to print color ra-4 in a darkroom, I need to control saturation and luminance precisely, down to the percent. But the current app only seems to support inaccurate hand movements. Is there any software out there that allows us to control the values by numbers, or at least input them from a computer?

I got encouraging but subpar results with my initial tests, if I can find a way to control all values this will replace the old tech (minolta 45a and dichroic heads). The potential of this for people who still use darkrooms is incredible. Instead of needing a filter kit for BW print, simply adjust the color. Split grade printing is now obsolete.

-thanks in advance

Take a look at - it’s a web-based app that takes an API key from and then allows you to configure each of these values either with a slider, or by direct input.

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What security implications are there with this? I assume you have to give it your LIFX credentials so that it can access your LIFX Cloud account? It, just like LIFX, will then potentially also then have a tunnel in to a homeowners network. Hacking risks?

OP, depending on what you’re doing you may have problems with LIFX. Various films and papers lack of sensitivity to various wavelengths at various points in process can be extremely specific. E.G., your safe light can only be of a very narrow spectrum and anything outside of that can produce fogging. Dichroic filters are extremely accurate and can be produced for these specific wavelengths, LEDs not so much. We had 3 different ‘reds’ and 1 ‘green’ that we could use but each was film/paper specific. You may luck out and find that the red in the LIFX units works but based on my limited remaining memory of how narrow of spectrums we could use I’d be surprised. Will be interesting to see how it works for you.

No, you don’t. You log into the LIFX Cloud yourself and create an API key just for this. That’s all you provide. The site will talk to the LIFX cloud for you (like IFTTT does, for example).

At no point should you provide anything but an API key.