Product Information Sheets

I’ve gotten a few questions recently about the capabilities of our products. I thought it would be best to post PDFs of all the product information sheets here.

Original 1000 - Bayonet (B22) Fitting (300.1 KB)
Original 1000 - Edison Screw (E26) Fitting (322.2 KB)
Color 650 (78.3 KB)
White 800 (110.3 KB)
Color 1000 (119.5 KB)

White 900 BR30 (95.7 KB)
Color 1000 BR30 (95.2 KB)


These links aren’t working for me tonight. (around Sat Mar 5 18:27:59 PST 2016) I just get a blank page when I click on the link. I’ve tried both Chrome and Safari, with the same results. (And the links used to work for me in the past.)

They’re working for me now. Are they working for you again? Might have just been a hiccup in out forum host…

Yes, it seems to be working now. Thanks!

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