Products.json says LIFX Tile has no multizone support

products.json found products.json on GitHub lists following for LIFX Tile:

“pid”: 55,
“name”: “LIFX Tile”,
“features”: {
“color”: true,
“infrared”: false,
“multizone”: false,
“chain”: true

Is this correct? LIFX website product description says Tile has “64 individual zones per tile”.

Haha, very observant of you. :smile:

We are still working on the product documentation for the tile. You will be able to control all 64 zones, but we have improved the multizone API to make this easier. Stay tuned for more details.

Improved multizone API sounds great. Will it have option to set multiple zones with different colors in one single message? And will the new API work with other multizone products such as LIFX Z as well? Any ETA for new API? Sorry for all the questions, getting too excited about new multizone API.

The draft I’ve seen lets you set 64 zones in a single message.

Backporting will take some time, and you’ll need to check the firmware version before using the newer messages, but our app developers are driving the firmware team to do this as well.

It will first appear in the LIFX Tile, and we plan to release documentation for it shortly after the Tile ships. There is no ETA right now for the other products.

Me too! Setting scenes over the cloud has always been challenging for us to do a zone at a time.

Very exciting stuff coming, thanks for answers Daniel! Does Tile have the same recommended message rate of 20 per second as other products? This would mean Tile handling over 1 000 zone changes per second, based on my experience Z can handle up to 100 zone changes per second (in 100 separate messages). Does Tile have upgraded hardware controlling the zones or will Z also have 10 times higher throughput in the future?

I don’t believe that has been any benchmarking of the message rates the Tile can support yet, so for now assume the same 20 per second. It is probably more, just as you found with the LIFX Strip.

The Tile does have upgraded hardware, but if we backport the message to set 64 zones in one then that should improve the ability to set zones by a factor of 64. This makes the message rate a lot more irrelevant.

Just letting you know that this documentation is now live.