Products Listing + HomeKit?

G’day Guys,

Is there any chance the product listing can be updated to include a boolean flag to indicate whether a specific bulb supports HomeKit or not ?



If you need it right now, just check the name of the light.

Pretty sure this is the list of lights that support HomeKit:

  • LIFX A19
  • LIFX BR30
  • LIFX+ A19
  • LIFX+ BR30
  • LIFX Downlight

Now, I think 4th gen lights are in the list too so you’ll wanna look at the PID of the light. I don’t see the new GU10 or Mini lights listed in that JSON blob, but they’re HomeKit-enabled as well.

Might be easier to just filter out the ones that don’t support it instead:

  • Original 1000
  • Color 650
  • White 800 (Low Voltage)
  • White 800 (High Voltage)
  • White 900 BR30 (Low Voltage)
  • Color 1000 BR30
  • Color 1000
  • LIFX Z

As far as I’ve seen, all future lights will support HomeKit. That’s a big marketing point LIFX started using since their latest website update.