Programming an “Incandescent Mode”

Is there currently, or will there be in the future, a way to program an “incandescent mode” for LIFX sources? Meaning that you could set a source to default to a color temp like 3000k-3200k at 100%, but it gradually warms as you dim it and reacts the same way we are used to an incandescent when dimmed? I always bring my lights to 2500k when dimmed way down, and it feels right and natural, but wish I could program it to do it automatically!

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I keep mine between dim red and bright 3200K as well, passing through gold and orange on the way. What I do is have a series of scenes for the different colours I use, set schedules for them, but also put them in my homescreen widget. This way, if it want to change the lights to dimmer and warmer, for instance if I have a headache, I pick one of the scenes in the widget.

Good idea, though. Surely lots of people want this, and it should be possible to have it as some sort of setting. I’d want to be able to choose several fixed points along the way, though.