"pulse" endpoint has no effect if power_on = false

It now appears that “pulse” has no effect if power_on = false, even though the light is already on. For example, my light is turned on and red, and I send a pulse with color = blue and power_on = false, and nothing happens. If I do the same thing with power_on = true, the light pulses blue as I would expect.

This is different than how it used to behave. I caught the change in behavior with my test suite, but it’s easy to verify manually from the Pulse endpoint API documentation page.

Could this have something to do with the recent bug fixes to the Pulse endpoint?

I can verifiy that the pulse effect does not work if power_on = false.
This is also demonstrated in the breathe effect.

I’ve verified it here too. Looks like our test coverage need improvement.

I’ll have a fix deployed shortly.

The fix has been deployed. Thanks for the report guys. I’ll make sure we look into why the tests still passed to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Thanks! I’ve verified with my test suite that it is now fixed.