Pulse Scene Power Bug

With the new version (v1) there seems to be a bug in the power setting of the pulse scene.

If the lights are OFF and you send a pulse to a group of lights. The lights turn on and do a pulse. This is not how it used to work. And its a bad idea to work like this. (If you’ve ever had a SMS come in in the middle of the night you’ll know).

I’ve tried not sending the power option to ‘on’ and ‘off’ and NULL and not setting it at all.and the result is the same.

Any light that is on I want it to pulse but any light that is not on I don’t want it to touch.

Getting an email in the middle of the night and having the light randomly turn on is pretty stressful to wake up to at 03:07am, lol.

The behaviour for that hasn’t changed between v1beta1 and v1. The power_on parameter defaults to true in both v1beta1 and v1: http://api.developer.lifx.com/v1.0-beta1/docs/pulse-effect. You’ll need to set power_on to false for it to not turn on when the light is off.

Ok so I found the problem… the other routines changed the variable to “power” where as this one is “power_on”. The others changed… just not this one.

It doesn’t make sense for this parameter to use power, as there isn’t a valid use case for setting power to off while performing an effect.

Perhaps its default should be “off” or false and not “on”… and if you with to force it on it should have to be actually set.

I think the real bug here is that the API doesn’t tell you that you’ve used an incorrect variable setting. All it says is “OK” which is pretty unhelpful.

We felt that power_on defaulting to on is the least surprising one, given that the primary goal of the current effects is to notify the user of an event. We may consider changing this in the future if enough people have issues with it, but that would require a new API version.