Queries regarding Lifx support for AllJoyn


I have a LIFX bulb with model number BUL-11-A21E27-W. How to determine if it supports AllJoyn?

Incase, if it doesn’t support, is it possible for me update the LIFX firmware with AllJoyn support on this bulb?


The original bulb does not the new ones do. The original is the largest bulb in the original shape so it is easy to tell.

Thanks for your reply.

Can alljoyn support be enabled by updating the firmware on my existing bulb?

As per my reply the orginal does not support Alljoyn. If it was just a firmware update I would have said yes via firmware update.

The answer to the question “will there be a firmware for the original bulb to support Alljoyn” is we don’t know. This has been asked before but not answered yet. It would be nice though wouldn’t it :smile:

Thanks Very Much for your reply. Yeah, I was kind of hoping that a firmware update would do the trick. :grinning:

Agreed it would be nice to not be left with bulbs that are different to the rest in this respect but I do understand the original bulb did come out before any real standards were around.

Yeah. Totally agree with your point. I mean, there is no obligation on part of LIFX here to add Alljoyn support to the original bulbs.

I agree there is no obligation, but it’s still a little bit disappointing, since it means early adopters are punished. Also, it creates an uncomfortable situation for developers, because there’s an open protocol (Alljoyn) that works on some LIFX bulbs, and there’s a semi-documented, semi-proprietary protocol (the LIFX LAN protocol) that works on all LIFX bulbs. As a developer, it’s unclear which “horse” to bet on, and since the protocols are so different, it’s hard to leverage code and knowledge from one to the other.