Question about customizing a group of LIFX bulbs

Hey guys, been researching wifi LED light bulbs for my apartment and I came across LIFX. Looks like a very cool product. That said, I’ve had a hard time finding out about the specific features…hopefully someone here can clarify. I’m looking to install 6 or 8 of the BR30 lights in my living room ceiling. From what I’ve read it appears that I would be able to put them all in a group (living room) and adjust them all at the same time. It also appears that I can adjust each of the 6 or 8 bulbs individually. But what I can’t seem to find out is whether I can create a number of custom settings where I can have each of the bulbs turn on or off, change to different brightness levels and color and/or color temperature settings. For example, ideally I’d be able to program my own “projector lighting” preset where bulbs 1 and 4 would go to 20% brightness at a warm white, bulbs 2 and 3 would go to red at 30% brightness, and bulbs 5 and 6 (near the wall by my screen) would turn off. Is the LIFX software capable of this? Thanks.

Yes in LIFX terminology we call this feature ‘scenes’. We also sync them into the cloud so they will be available on all devices you are logged into and can also be activated with the HTTP API.

It is easy enough to do, for example in Kodi you can add some Python script to change to a set scene via the HTTP api based upon playing of Movie or TV (different scenes are fine) and then pause resume can be other scenes again.
For example start a movie and change your lights to the movie scene over say 15 seconds then when you hit pause you can quickly raise the lights to increase lighting and then resume returns your lights to the movie scene. Stop the movie and reset your lights back to the original setting or another scene again.
It also supports sampling the screen for dynamic lighting so those lights around the screen itself can change to an average of the colour of the screen again it is all just a matter of how much script you want to build.