Question About Discovery Packet

I captured the communication between LIFX Windows 10 application and the LIFX Bulb. In the capture I see the following udp broadcasts from the LIFX application.

24 000034117d970f00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002000000

As seen from the packets, all the tagged field is always 0 whereas it should be 1 for device discovery. But still the application could discover the bulb. How is that possible?

My 2nd question is, under the assumption that no UDP packet gets lost, how many UDP broadcast is required for discovering the light? I am asking this question because from the above trace I see all the bytes are same except 4th byte from the end. Are we using UDP broadcast for any other purpose other than the discovery of the bulb?

It will be helpful if anyone from LIFX community can help with this.