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Question: Seeing command history to bulb

I just got my first bulbs two days ago (mini dawn/dusk). I’ve integrated them with Apple Homekit and my Nest products. I created a wake up schedule to turn them on at 5:45AM. For some reason they are turning themselves on around 5:20AM. I’ve looked through the various apps and I’m not seeing any commands written for this behavior so, I’m guessing it must be something driven either by location or movement (perhaps our dog). Anyway I’m looking to see if there is anywhere I can see an actual command history to the bulb so, I don’t have to unpair all my other services to troubleshoot this.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve a history from the bulb itself. Though, sometimes the nice folks at LIFX can review the cloud logs for your bulb’s MAC address and at least see if the request came from a cloud connection or associated app.