Rate-limited by the HTTP api in error?

Hi guys,

Ive been having issues with the HTTP api and requests being rate-limited seemingly erroneously.

In short, I have written an (Android) app that interfaces with my account via an API token generated in the account. Whilst it is a custom implementation, I know the ins-and-outs of it extremely well, it is built to fully respect the APIs rate limiting, and Im certain that the issue is not local (to the point that I am logging every request/response made by the interface).

The issue I am having is that, whilst everything works great 95% of the, I seem to get rate-limited by the API seemingly at random at times, when I otherwise should have absolutely plenty of requests left unused in that same 60-second window. As every single request to the API is logged (and timestamped, along with the returned rate limit headers), I can see times where I have, for example, 115 of 120 requests remaining, and then 4 seconds later when another request is made, it has been declined by the rate limiter.

I have generated a new token for the API access, just to be certain, however the issue persists with the new token.

What would be the best way forward to have this looked into, e.g. is it possible to have access to the request logs made from my API token checked? Or? Im open to suggestions/advice here :slight_smile:

Hey, can you email support@lifx.co with some account details and some rough times when you’re experiencing the issue so we can dig deeper?

Hi skyeserena,

Thanks for emailing support: I dug into your API requests with the details you provided there. This does indeed look like a rare rate-limiting bug. We’ll look into repairing it in the near future.


Hi Nick,

Thanks for looking into it. The issue is rare/intermittent so as far as real-world usage it doesnt affect me a lot, but good to know it will be looked at :slight_smile: