Re-onboarding after disconnects?

What is the best process for re-onboarding after disconnects? I currently have 13 GU10’s that are no longer connected (poor DHCP mgmt on the part of LIFX?). All are listed in the app but none are connected to WiFi so cannot be seen by the app.
Is there a good way to simply reconnect them to themselves in the app so that everything about them is not lost?
These are all in Control4 so I’d really rather not incur the pain of having the integrator have to re-import them.

Power cycling the bulb (just once) will trigger a reassociation to wifi.

Though, I must be the exception because my bulbs all just reconnect themselves if they ever lose connectivity. I don’t have to do anything except perhaps wait a few minutes.

Thanks. That is not happening with these. Some of these appear to have been reset as when they are turned on they are broadcasting a HomeKit setup for 15 minutes and then LIFX Setup. The likelihood that any were reset w/ a 5 on/off sequence is nearly impossible. Nobody has done a reset from the app.
If they didn’t renew their DHCP before the lease expired would they then reset themselves?

That’s never happened to mine. I don’t know what might have caused the bulbs to properly reset either. The only thing I’ve ever seen on my network is a Beam do its mini-reset (i.e. when it checks how many segments it has) but even with that it comes back online.

Did these bulbs suffer any power weirdness? I’m wondering if a drop in power could damage/erase the firmware configuration to the point where the bulb has to reset itself. I don’t know if such a thing is even plausible, though.

Power weirdness is certainly a possibility though in our conversations w/ LIFX folks they’ve said that they’ve done a lot of testing for that and their lamps shouldn’t be affected by variations in voltage or other bits.
I ordered up a power monitor from the electric folks this morning so we’ll be able to watch it in some detail for the next few weeks just in case. None of our UPS systems are indicating anything in their history.

The power monitor is a good idea :slight_smile:

I’m going to assume you already know they don’t work on dimmer switches and that’s not an issue here.

As for putting many devices on the network at the same time, that is unfortunately a one at a time thing and we don’t make the process for that public so the only way it can be done is via the app.