Recessed can for Color 1000 BR30?

I bought a Juno IC20R can with the 215B-WH trim kit which says it takes a BR30 bulb for use with the Lifx Color 1000 BR30. The bulb fits into the trim, but when fully screwed in it is about even with the front edge of the housing. Instead I am looking for a recessed look, so that the bulb sits an inch or two deep inside the trim. This is confusing because it says it is compatible with a BR30 and in the picture for the 215B-WH it shows a bulb that is recessed a few inches…?

Can anyone recommend a recessed can and trim kit that will accomplish this with the Lifx Color 1000 BR30?


I can’t recommend anything specific because we don’t have many BR30 sockets in Australia so I have no real experience with them. Here is what I’ve leaned from research:

BR30 sockets are usually designed so the bulb sits flush in the fixture so you may have trouble finding one that is recessed. If you read our product information sheets you can see that both our BR30 bulbs are 127.5mm high (I think this is part of the spec), so you will want to look for a socket that suits a bulb longer than that.

Hopefully that helps you.

I’m constructing a house and decided to put Lifx throughout. I have 5 inch Halo recessed cans in the bedrooms and 4 inch in the hallways. I’m looking to get trim within the next 2 weeks, so if you’ve found something let me know!

The BR30s fit in both size cans just a bit tight in the hallway cans. I’m hoping to find a thin low profile trim. The bulb will look beautiful flush against the ceiling.

Will report back!

Hmmm… when I installed my BR30 bulbs, they protruded a little, but then I found out that the base of the can was adjustable. Pushed it up a little and voila, its all flush now.

Hi shawynot - what recsssed can did you end up going with, was it compatible with the the Australian standards and did you get it flush with the ceiling ?