Red-Node npm pkg or JSON Payload help

A Red-Node package having a node for every part of the API and LAN protocol would be great for the world!
Nodes to set up a Request with acknowledgements and response.
Node Name/ = /Node description
Call LIFX = Node would be configured to send a UDP broadcast to the port. Node’s Input Fields would cover options for:

Receive & Payload LIFX = Node would receive the unicast datagrams or what ever. The Fields would cover the options like “ack_required = true” The “Receive & Payload LIFX” node’s payload would be the:

To do a Request with acknowledgement and response the users would use the nodes:
‘Receive & Payload LIFX’ connected to 'Call LIFX’
That would make a loop of communication.

Or if someone could show me a JSON payload example. For any of the request like “GetService” I might be able do the rest.
Thanks for all the help in advance! NintendoJedi

I’m not entirely clear on how to build things for Red-Node, but it looks like a great idea to me.

I can give you JSON example for the HTTP API, though the documentation has a lot to get started with. I’m not sure what you mean by using the JSON payload for GetService as its a LAN message, and the LAN protocol uses a packed binary format not JSON.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding your request, is it possible you could provide more information?