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Removing offline bulbs

I sold some of my bulbs. I forgot to remove them before I sold them and now I’m unable to remove them from the mobile app. What am I supposed to do?

this is a complete sentence

When you first load the app Lifx will look for all bulbs, the one you want to delete will be in a searching stage for a few seconds.

After a few seconds it’ll change to say Light Name >

Click the > on the light you want to remove

Click the cog in the top right.

You should then see Delete Light

Hope that helps.

Thanks, It seems that I had to wait to icon that change from a circle with 3 dots into the icon that you posted above.

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How do you delete a broken or offline light in the new update. The “Delete” option does not come up if the bulb is offline.

Go to and remove it from there. known bug in latest app

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