Request: Add a command to temporarily disable the ability to reset a light

I have 2 Lifx bulbs in a central light that require a ladder and a screwdriver to take off the glass dome to get to. About once every month one of my lights randomly decides to fall out of sync and no longer connect, so I have to reset it and every single time I run into issues because when I reset 1 it resets both lights and then sometimes one will reconnect and then the one that was working before fails and I have to do the double reset process over and over again and it’s honestly pure torture.

I’m begging the devs please I feel like it wouldn’t take long at all to add in a feature that is developer only or something to avoid having to deal with people complaining about accidentally enabling it, that adds a rest request called disableReset. This request would take an integer that specifies the number of seconds (capped at 5min) to disable the turn on and off 5 times to reset feature to save people like me who have multiple Lifx bulbs in one hard to reach fixture.

This obviously would only be able to count while it’s on, which I think would be fine and just having a flag like ableToReset set to false until the light has been on for the number of requested seconds would be so insanely helpful.

Edit: If a feature like this already or will work like this already exists please let me know haha

I’m not going to comment on the usefulness of this feature, but I am more interested in why you’re resetting your bulbs once a month. Surely just turning them off for 30 seconds and then on again would make both bulbs reconnect?

I now have about 40 bulbs across the house and I’ve never had to reset any of them except when I changed my wifi password (and that was not fun).

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Well said. The bulbs are only retaining a setting then connecting. I would look at the router and bulb firmware before worrying about resetting the bulb as nothing would have changed there. The bulb is dumb.
Remember that routers that are supplied by an ISP commonly have device limits, for example the one supplied by my ISP supported 10 wifi devices no more. This causes devices like the bulbs to be kicked off the network.

I guess I wasn’t as lucky, I’m getting one of them RMAed so we’ll see if that makes it stop glitching, but if you are on android the app is very glitchy and has a lot of known issues, so I’ve found that it just randomly will stop connecting and is fixed if you reset it using the 5 on off trick. I have my own router which is a linksys WRT 1900ac and I have no issues with my other iot devices from other vendors, so not sure what the deal is, but regardless, this is a simple command to add and would be very useful for my use case I was dealing with for the past year or two.

The app issues are not related to bulb issues. Once the app has successfully configured a bulb, it is never actually required again. If the bulb doesn’t reconnect to the LIFX Cloud or network after a simple power cycle, there’s something wrong with the bulb itself, not the app. The app is not involved after the bulb is initially configured.

lots of devices work well at less than 99% signal strength but not Lifx! Aim for 99% signal strength as reported by UniFi app and they get pretty stable, even in large numbers (I have 170 on a single /23 LAN)