Retrieving schedules from cloud

Is there a way to download our schedules from the Lifx servers using the HTTP API or through some other way? If not, is this something planned for the future?

Good question. Tagging this thread so I see replies. :slight_smile:


There is currently no way to retrieve the schedules from the API and we currently don’t have any plans to add that ability.

Is there a reason for that?

I think a lot of users would find it extremely helpful to be able to coordinate their local schedules (eg in scripts) with the ones saved in the Lifx app. And my understanding is that this is something easy and straightforward to implement. I mean the API already allows us to download our scenes so I do not see why this cannot also be the case with schedules?

I agree it could be useful. I’ve added this to our backlog, but we have many other priorities that we must work on first.

That’s good to know but my point is that similarly to scenes (and unlike the LEDs brightness thing mentioned in the other thread) this is just (json) data. Not sure what it is that requires so much work. :roll_eyes:

I can’t really talk about what would be involved, but it would require more work than that it sounds.

But I completely get why that answer isn’t very satisfactory.

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I understand but I really hope this gets implemented not too far in the future. It is a genuinely useful thing to have, which will allow seamless integration of user-written scrips and the main lifx app.

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