Revoked SmartThings in Cloud

Im looking for some advise. I recently, and wrongly, revoked access to my SmartThings account via LIFX Cloud. I now can’t use the SmartThings app for my LIFX bulbs even though it shows all the lights. Any idea how I can re-activate it? I’ve tried via the SmartThings app but it obviously still thinks it’s connected. (though it says 0 found in locations).

Ive tried removing it from the SmartThings app but it wont i just get an ‘unexpected error’.

I only use it for the motion sensor to activate my landing lights and to be honest it isn’t great… if anyone has a better LIFX compatible motion sensor I’m all ears.

I am trying to figure this out as well. Here is what I’ve understood. I might be wrong and I hope someone else that is in the KNOW can assist.

I had a network error that I wrongfully believed was attributed to the LIFX integration to the ST App (Samsung S*+ app ver released on 2019/11).

I went to the ST IDE and tried to delete my LIFX SmartApp. I couldn’t do it. So I did a little research and then figured out I had to manually delete all my LIFX Bulbs in the IDE under Devices. Then I could remove the LIFX smart app.

However, when I went back to add LIFX integration by going to “Add Device” in the ST app on my phone, then selecting LIFX, it added all my devices as “place holders”, not LIFX bulbs like in the previous integration.

I want to go back to the previous integration so I went to github and tried to add it via the IDE but clearly I don’t know what I am doing. I enabled OATH in the app settings then published it, checked my ST app on the phone. I was able to get to a log in screen but my credentials cause an error. WTF!?

Can anyone assist? Maybe @daniel_hall or @whoismoses? I know he’s done some amazing work here.

Anyway, I just want to get back to how it used to be. My wife is riding my ass now. UGH! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I may have solved it. After deleting everything in the IDE and removing the smartapp, i loaded the ST Classic app back on my phone and connected to LIFX Bulb that way. All my bulbs are back in my IDE now, not as placeholders. - LIFX, you HAVE to fix that in the V3 app!

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I’ve done the same thing… but I was using the standard Smartthings device handler… Any guidance on how to get it back…

Pleeeaase help me :slight_smile: I have had trouble with SmartThings not showing correct status of my LIFX bulbs. I was adviced to delete integrations - or revoke - on (Alexa, SmartThings), which I did - then tried to install them again, but integrations on SmartThings doesnt show up on AND all my LIFX bulbs are now unresponsive/off-line in SmartThings…(but working well in LIFX app). Are you saying that I need to delete my LIFX bulbs in this “IDE” (never been there before…)?? And then delete ST app, and re-install the classic ST version?