Ring and Lifx applet

Pretty chuffed, feeling proud. Was really easy though. Made my own applet; when I get a Ring security camera notification a few of the bulbs come about the house acting as a deterrent to any would be intruder. Want to make it a little better though. Anyone know how to get them to switch off or fade out over a set time period?

I’m unfamiliar with Ring applets, does it use the http api?

If it does, then you can do something like

curl -XPUT https://api.lifx.com/v1/lights/label:myamazinglight/state -H"Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" -HContent-Type:application/json -d '{"power": "off", "duration": 5}'

you can use iffttt app or site , they have lots of stuff on there to make lights flash or come on and off when ring doorbell pressed .