Room mates using LIFX?

I’ve gotten lights for my whole house and I’m happy to let me roomie use all the ones in the common areas. However, I don’t want my bedroom and bathroom lights accessible - and he surely wants the same. How can this be achieved? This seems like a pretty basic use case. Or does everyone on the network defaultly have to be “trusted”?

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Nothing? Hard to believe this isn’t a thing… I recently connected to a restaurant’s wifi and was able to mess with their LIFX bulbs…

There were two threads recently about this. There is no built in support though.

I am consuming lifx api over nodejs. it works for me.Now
I have five rooms. i want to control all the room.
Master Bedroom, Living Room, Kids Area, Office, Kids Room. How do I write the api for it?
and how to set up the light each room?.

I have an idea on how you can do this. It’s not ideal, but it will work. Setup 2 networks. Have the commons area lights setup in one wireless SSID or VLAN or subnet, and the private ones on another. This way you’ll have all the lights in your account accessible by you, but only the ones in your common area accessible by your roommate because he’ll be on the same network.

What do you think?