Router Recommendations

I apologize in advance if this question is answered (so far haven’t been able to find it). I’m looking for wi-fi router recommendations for a stable Lifx environment. I realize there’s a lot to be said for network/router config, but I want to at least start on the right foot with a good router. The use would be for a business that’s also running other devices including wireless speakers, a point-of-sale system, and about 24 Lifx bulbs.

Our current Lifx setup is pretty unstable, and I’ve seen plenty of forum topics about that. But, what I haven’t really seen is a stable, successful configuration. Can anyone make some recommendations on router hardware, firmware/version, firewall, and other key settings?

Honestly I would recommended pick up a cheap Buffalo WHR-HP-GN and set it up as a Guest AP. Only connect the bulbs to this AP. This really stabilized the 5 years of problems I have had.
Here is how to do the set-up:

Have a look at Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE or the Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO. You can configure these access points to have multiple VLANs which would be useful in separating the, POV and other devices running on the wifi.