Scenes Countdown timer?

I know there is a countdown timer when you press and hold a group or single light! However I like to create scenes that I can push a button and the bedroom lights turn off in 5 or 15 seconds as I walk to get in bed. Or as I sit and read in bed for a max of 1hour then the bedroom lights fade to go out to sleep. Does anybody know how to make these scenes like this without smartthings or apple home kit?

Try longpressing the scene :slight_smile:

I would suggest to use Stringify.
You can set a button action with a timer to fade down your group.
You can have several flows for bedroom, living room, etc…
If you want to make it even more so physical, instead of the app button, have a real button, add a Logitech POP. I have several of these at home, controlling Lifx.

i had posted an example of how to glue all these together on a frontdoor lifx experience.

Now that Stringify is gone forever, is there a way to fade out lights with a scene that could therefore be invoked vocally through Alexa ?