Scenes that power off a light should not change other settings

So I got some lights and set them up at 7000K. I then created a bedtime scene to turn off most of the lights in the house. Later, I decided the light was too blue, and set it 5000K.

However, when I activate the bedtime scene at night to turn off the lights, then the next time I turn them on, they are back at 7000K. Also, attempting to update the scene after setting the lights to 5000K and turning them off, the app will not let you since it thinks the lights being off is the same setting. The work around is to turn the lights on at the desired color, then update the scene, then turn the lights off, and then update the scene again.

The proper fix should be that when a scene sets the power of a light to off, it should not change the brightness or color. This way the next time the light is turned on, it will be at the same setting as before.

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