Schedule Crashes App

Been having issues with the scheduling feature. When selecting scheduled the app crashes. To get it to work again I have to delete app then reinstall. App work again after reinstalling, but whenever I try to do a schedule it just crashes. I emailed Lifx support and with no success! I have about 50 bulb and it’s becoming more of an inconvenience manually controlling lights.

Same issue, using iPhone on iOS 16.2 RC. Happened after trying to add a new schedule and selecting “non-lifx devices” out of curiosity. No issue on android, and also do not see “non-lifx device” as an option on android.

So far only advice support have was to downgrade my iOS version, but with the RC being out we are days away from stable 16.2 so not worth the effort to test one app when it’s likely an app issue not iOS version issue.