Schedule Uses Which Clock?

After several emails to HELP, I think I understand how schedules decides what “clock” it uses to trigger a schedule. Seems simple, You tell a light to come on at 4pm. I am in CDT so the light comes on at 4pm. What happens though if I am in PDT and go to the app and tell it to trigger a light (the one at my house in CDT) at 4pm. According to the help person, it comes on at 6pm CDT even though the app says 4pm.

Question #1
Is that information correct?

If so, because I travel and schedule through multiple time zones, The times listed in schedule might ALL show different lights coming on at 4pm but in reality they could be turning on at ANY hour depending on where I was when I programmed that particular light. Question #2
Is that correct?

For whatever it is worth, this is a major headache. I am sure you understand. I can’t just go to schedule to see when my lights will be turning on and off, I have to keep a list somewhere that tells me what time zone I was in when I programed that particular schedule. Software should use the time zone where the light is located as the clock it uses to trigger actions. Maybe a software toggle that lets the end user pick A: Use the time zone I am located in or B: Use the time zone where the light is located. or C: Always use (pick a time zone).

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The Timezone is shown in the Schedule when you go to edit it in the app. The timezone is set when you create the schedule, so if you create the schedule in CDT, it will be shown in the schedule and any change will still be in CDT. If you make a schedule while you’re in PDT then it will be reflected on the schedule. It’s true, from the dashboard if you had multiple schedules in different timezones that won’t be reflected. But for simplicity I would recommend just setting your phone to one timezone, creating all the schedules, and then after that you can edit them from any timezone and the times will always be consistent.

Thank you for the explanation!! Please explain the statement above

I just mean that we don’t show the timezone on the dashboard, so if you have 4pm PDT and 4pm CDT, they’ll both look the same. i.e. you need to go into the schedule and check the timezone.