Schedules Broken


It appears that schedules using the LIFX app are entirely broken. In fact, my bulbs work fine after a power cycle but after leaving the switch on over night, they are completely unresponsive during the day.

Here’s a request I captured from the app, confirming my schedule is added. The UNIX timestamps are also correct.

I hope you can help!

As of this morning, my schedule still did nothing but the lights could be activated manually confirming that the issue is on the scheduling end.

This is a pretty terrible attitude IMO - why don’t you at least try support?

Please take my apoligies, I wrote this quite late at night and I completely agree that I was too harsh in the fact that I haven’t even given them a chance yet. I’ve edited the post and will submit a ticket shortly.

Oliver this is not a product support forum, its mainly for developer support. Our support team is much better placed to help you support this issue. They have a better view of issues people commonly experience and can look for logs that indicate exactly why the schedule failed.

When you get your case number please let me know and I’ll follow it up for you on our end.

Hi @daniel_hall,

Thanks for the quick and polite response. My ticket ID is 160435 - I look forward to hearing from the team.

I have the same issue with my newest bulbs as oliverdunk. I’ll open a ticket too.

@daniel_hall Could you please check the ticket on oliver[AT] Still having issues and I haven’t had a response in quite a while.

I’ve sent Taber a request to follow up with you @oliverdunk