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Scheduling in Python

Does anyone know any libraries in Python that can be used to schedule scripts? Ideally, I would like to queue the execution of multiple scripts.

something like maybe?

Depends what you actually want to do.

If your intention is to deploy in a container, you may be able to use Supercronic instead.

I am merely trying to create a scheduler, similar to the one in the Lifx app, but to run my light scenes and effects scripts automatically.

Thank you both - these look like a good starting point. Any other ideas welcome.

Use the one I already built:

I know it’s called DayDusk but you can send any transform at any time, so it really is a full-blown scheduler now. It can even splat themes onto multizone devices.


It should be fairly easy to modify lifx-daydusk to trigger firmware effects, btw.

If you’re running Linux, good old cron will do the job.