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Seconds_since_seen odd results


Is anybody able to help with seconds_since_seen please?

My lights run from a script using the lifx api with one of the values needed is the seconds_since_seen to perform one of the functions, however I’ve noticed this value has just been going up and up, usually it would remain in the 0-10 seconds range. This has caused the lights to not behave as expected.

I found after some digging into the API output, the seconds_since_seen value stopped sometime on Tuesday 9 March 2021 (Melbourne, AU). All the lights are currently sitting around 300k seconds since last seen and increasing.

Nothing has changed on my end, however I power cycled the lights, the server running the script, the wireless AP and the router as a matter of troubleshooting, didn’t resolve it.

Anybody else seen this type of problem, or know how I might be able to resolve it?

I did change the name of two of the bulbs as they were out of date, and this DID reset the seconds_since_seen for these two bulbs, however they immediately began incrementing and haven’t stopped as per the others.

I should say, that the lights do response to other parts of the script, homekit, lifx app etc without issue - its just some of the functions have stopped working correctly due to the erroneous results from seconds_since_seen output.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello, that’ll be on our end. It’s our Saturday now but I’ve created a card to investigate on Monday.