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Send Net Event to Hub

This is what I hope to do…

I am deaf. If I am not right next to my mobile phone I can’t tell that it vibrates when a call, text message, or Skype comes in – and, of course, I don’t hear it ring.

I have a program on the phone which monitors notifications. Upon certain notifications (like a phone call) it sends a network command to flash Wi-Fi LAN bulbs.

It would be nicer to integrate this with Hubitat so I can do slightly more complex actions.

I see this from the Hubitat help file: “Network events are messages that come to the hub from the LAN or internet. Some devices use the LAN to send events, some use Z-Wave or Zigbee radio signals.”

It seems I should be able to generate an Event or Trigger from a device on the LAN (my phone), send it to the Hub, and have the hub perform actions.

Does anyone know if this is possible? And what I should send on the network (an HTTP get, UDP command, etc.)?

I haven’t found anything searching with the Package Manager, but I may not be searching for the right thing.

Thanks for any help,

Sorry. This post was actually meant for a different user group.
The answer is to send an HTTP Get to an Endpoint on the hub.
The hub I’m using is a Hubitat C-7. Other users informed that this capability is built in.