Sequencing Lights to Music via MIDI and/or Software

My brothers,

Opening a friendly local gaming store in March and will be using LIFX lights throughout the entire gaming hall.

What I’m looking to know is if anyone has used a midi sequencer (fruity loops, ableton live) to automate light shows through LIFX bulbs?

The goal is to launch specific music to specific corresponding and pre-built lightshow at the press of a button via a computer/phone or LaunchPad trigger, or IFTTT API call. I’ll build a server to handle the calls - likely.

We’ve all seen videos of people doing this my hand via python or bash: . The hope is that there is a more intuitive method - or to create one.

I will also be tying the API into my point-of-sale software so when someone wins something, a spotlight shines down on them in the now slowely darkened room, and an audio snippet plays congratulating them.

Thanks for the assist gents. I’m a devops engineer so I’m writting this shiz if its not been done already! Hope you guys are excited to help!

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Found this so far:

Going to try to pipe this over to LIFX and make a tutorial.

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Hi. Wondering if this ever came to fruition. This is exactly the type of thing I’m looking for in order to sync LIFX lights to my stage performance.