Service Type 5 when using LAN API (UDP)

Recently I bought 2 LIFX products 1 Light bulb and 1 Strip. I used the LIFX android app and play around for a while.
Now I wanted to control the bulbs using C++ application for which I googled and found on first case and tried to use it as such for now.
When I build and ran the code I understood it sends GetService command and receives StateService response. But what I noticed is I am receiving 2 such response from each LIFX device. Digging more onto the received packets I found that the bulbs respond with Service Type as 1 and 5?
Referring to the LAN Protocol - Device Messages document I understood type 1 says its UDP and what does 5 means?
Why there are two different responses? Is it becase of ack_required flag is set?

Hello @yuvi,

You don’t have to handle protocol type 5 messages to control the bulb through the LAN API. It’s part of some private/undocumented LIFX API.

You may wanna look at, it’s in C though. Still, that might interest you, let me know!


Thanks a lot lopter, your repo was very informative and helpful.