Set default values when I turn on from swith

Is it possible to set a default value to my bulb when I turn on my bulb from swith ?
Does not matter how I turn off them, I would like to set my default one when I turned on from swith.
Like that I would be able to turn on from swith (default scene could be connected but turn off) and when my IOT system detect my bulb connected then I could set different scene based on time of the day or depending on other IOT device such as motion sensor.
Thanks for your help


Your bulb will report it’s power status if the power is on and you could run a poll that detects a change in that status and sets a new state when first turned on.
By default when using the light switch the lights turn on at the same state they were when turned off.
If you power the lights on then off then on again quickly they will default to 100% white.

If you power your lights on you could detect the device on the network however it takes time for wifi to connect, once detected your code could then set your default scene.


Thanks for your reply.
This is exactly how I handle it today, but as you say, it takes time to connect and bulbs turn on at the same state they were when turned off so if I turned off 100% brightness the evening and I want to turn on in the morning to only 25%, I need to wait wifi discovery time to decrease the brightness.
It would be good either to be able to set a default value when I turn on the light switch or to have a physical button, such as Goldee (no more available today) or Nubryte and not a Flic Button which cannot replace the light swith.

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+1 IMO this is the most needed low-tech features LIFX needs. I could do without lot of the schedule and automation features but rather have this. It would make the wall switch an absolutely reasonable tool to work with the bulbs.

I go to bed with a rather dimmed down coloured mood/scene. When I wake up I normally want a basic neutral light not the moody setup from last night. Same is true for coming home in the dark. The first things you do generally require a basic neutral setting. Later on you make your more comfortable moods manually anyways (or automated if you’re into that).

As it is now it is now you always have to reset the scenes to something neutral before switching off lights with the wall switch. This is not only impractical but also a big downer for guests and other people that navigate the house.

Please make this possible!!!

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I agree, Hue defaults to white light when reset, LIFX needs something similar. This is a critical feature, and until this happens these bulbs will remain toys.

Although it’s not automatic, LIFX does have the white restore feature.

  • this feature is available on LIFX Original bulbs, and 2015 bulbs with firmware version 1.8 or later, currently available in the latest LIFX app.

Touche, this is a recent addition. Previously only the first generation bulbs had this feature. I’m going to try this out tonight, however, it would be ideal if you could preset the default brightness/white level.

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Just for the record. While I appreciate the white restore feature this not even remotely the same thing as having ways to set default values.


I want to throw my +1 in here too. Ideally I would like my bulb to ask for its settings when powering up from the switch, so it comes on with the desired settings instead of resuming from the last seen settings.

Say I have my hallway light set up to be fullbright during the day and then after 10pm drop down to 10% brightness so that I can still find my way to the loo. If I turn my hallway light off at the switch in the middle of the day (a subconscious habit that is hard to break) and then wake up in the middle of the night and switch it back on, the lamp will come back on at the day setting. That sucks.

In order to get around that I can poll my light constantly to check its on or off state, but what a waste of traffic! And even then when I switch it on it can be up to a minute before the poll comes through and turns my light back down, in the meantime the bulb is sitting at full brightness.

One way to fix this issue would be to have a customizable default setting on the bulb - I could set it to my night setting. Or having the bulb check in with a default setting that I store and update on the LIFX cloud before powering on.

I really want this feature!

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I’d love a customizable default, too. I like a high color temperature (at least 5000K), and the “white restore” sets a white with a low color temperature, so the white restore isn’t all that useful to me personally. But if I could configure my bulb so the “white restore” set it to white at 5000K, it would be very useful.

I was thinking about this today, and I’d love this feature. What would be even better are two customisable settings - one for default on, and one for a double flick off/on of the switch.

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Set default values when I turn on from switch! or when I just turn on the switch on the app without selecting a color!! I could not agree MORE!! this is a must have! Please make it so LIFX!

Bumping this. Can we please get some official word if this request was heard, is in works or dismissed?
For us this is a major inconvenience not to have this!!!
Thank you!

Its been heard and I’ll mention it at the next product planning meeting. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll let you know if there is any movement on it.


Thanks Daniel, this feature would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure you are aware that your lights are extremely bright, and even the ability to set 50% of max brightness would be a huge benefit to us, and this is arguably a safety issue - I literally see stars if my bulbs come on at 100% white brightness and I am not expecting it.

Has there been any movement on this feature? This is one of those core features I expected to exist from day one; admittedly I should have done more research before investing in 12 bulbs last year. I’ve been patiently hoping this would be added, but alas, my family is tired of the inconvenience. I’d like to replace the other 24 incandescent bulbs in my house, and I’ll have to decide if the 12 LIFX bulbs are also getting swapped out for something with this feature :frowning:

No movement yet. It does keep coming up though, so its not lost, its just not the most important thing we are working on right now.

Any info when this feature will be available for gen 3 bulbs?

Has there been any progress on this front since the LIFX employee mentioned they were looking into this in April 2016?

I just purchased a 4 pack and this request seems so obvious and basic that I assumed it was included. My fault for not researching the basic functionality, however I’m within the return window… so these lights will likely be returned unless there’s a concrete update as to when this “feature” will be delivered.

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You could all just get a pack or 2 or 3 of the Logitech POP switches and place them next to or near your wall switch. Then program those switches to Toggle On/Off White 100% with single press, Warm White 50% with double press and Hold to activate a scene. Its what I have rolled out all over the house and the wired in wall switch remains on all the time now. A little education to the wife and kids never to switch off the mains and they are working great so far. The good thing about the POP switches is they search for your bulbs locally and control them locally using the LAN protocol, so they still work if your bulb was connected to wifi, but for some reason was disconnected from the Lifx Cloud (as some of mine usually are).