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Set default values when I turn on from swith


Has there been any progress on this front since the LIFX employee mentioned they were looking into this in April 2016?

I just purchased a 4 pack and this request seems so obvious and basic that I assumed it was included. My fault for not researching the basic functionality, however I’m within the return window… so these lights will likely be returned unless there’s a concrete update as to when this “feature” will be delivered.


You could all just get a pack or 2 or 3 of the Logitech POP switches and place them next to or near your wall switch. Then program those switches to Toggle On/Off White 100% with single press, Warm White 50% with double press and Hold to activate a scene. Its what I have rolled out all over the house and the wired in wall switch remains on all the time now. A little education to the wife and kids never to switch off the mains and they are working great so far. The good thing about the POP switches is they search for your bulbs locally and control them locally using the LAN protocol, so they still work if your bulb was connected to wifi, but for some reason was disconnected from the Lifx Cloud (as some of mine usually are).


I too would love to know the progression of this. Just a check box in the app to let you select a default state when the bulb is powered on would be excellent! I’d even like to be able to have the bulb default to “off” state when powered on.


Not the most important thing? What is? Not having this feature is killing your bulbs and will be the reason I get rid of all of mine. Since losing white restore in the Gen 3 bulbs, I have had nothing but trouble. My wife and kids now hate them and I will soon have to take them all out. This not only is a convenience issue, it’s a safety issue. If there is an emergency in the middle of the night, I can’t expect my family to go find a device to turn on the lights. For the love of God, put white restore or default values as a priority! And no, I am not getting a pop switch or something else that works over WiFi. I want a physical switch solution as it’s the only reliable way to turn a bulb on fast when needed.


Gen3 has no white restore??


No… Makes alot of sense right?


Hi LIFX Team,

I’d like to add my +1. The only reason for me to buy smart bulbs is an ability to automatically set light temperature and brightness depending on daytime when I turn them on using my on-wall switch. Other stuff like changing such things manually, slowly increasing brightness after turn on (with on switch of course) and automatic turn on in the morning might come in handy too but without daytime-based default settings and good support for on-wall switches I’ll stick to basic non-smart light bulbs.

Hope receiving a notification once your bulbs will get such feature.


I would SOOO LOVE to have a checkbox to set the default color/brightness after a power cycle. Even still, I like LIFX way, WAY BETTER than Hue! Hue defaults to bright white after ONE power cycle!!! NO WAY would I EVER want this!!! I would LOVE to have my bulbs default to what I want after a power cycle but I still love them the way they are!!!


Another +1 here. The power goes out here during storms and in the middle of the night if the power goers out for an hour, all lights in the entire house, which were off are now on and full bright. Really unfortunate way to wake up.


I am forced to use my bulbs in conjunction with WeMo switches because I simply can’t have my bulbs reverting to “on” after a power outage. <—:worried: I have a LOT of bulbs now (all of the way around my house) and I don’t want to piss the neighbors off if I’m on vacation and my scripts fail. WeMo is a good fail safe.



Still no news on this feature, I heard about a beta but nothing else ?
Can you please tell us more about this ? I open this topic more than 1 year ago and look to make sense for a lot of people.
Please don’t forget us or we’ll have to use other way to control our light.



Another +1. For my personal use, if this feature was available I would buy more bulbs. I can’t use the Lifx bulbs in certain areas of the house where I rely on getting a bright light (probably not full brightness) when I switch it on. But I need to be able to dim for certain settings.


Agreed if I was able to set the temp and brightness to match the existing bulbs in my house, I would then by more inclined to buy more LIFX bulbs but without that ability, the bulbs come off more as a gimmick.


New user, just got first 2 bulbs and I’m shocked that a persistent schedule is not an option. It’s a tiny amount of data to save a few times and the bulb settings which could be checked on boot. Does any other bulb have this feature?


+1 this is something I would also like to see, I saw a beta for the gen 2, but nothing yet for the gen3 BR30

I also bought the hue starter pack and they do default to on, I think that should be a chooseable option, hue doesn’t let you choose either, they just choose differently

many have household members that are not tech smart (elderly, ect…) and really need this option to get lights on

I have owned these for a few weeks now, and other then this one issue, these are a great product


Isn’t this already implemented?


It doesn’t work on the Gen 3. The Gen 3 bulbs SUCK because they took away white restore and don’t seem to care.


100% agree… at a minimum, why did we lose on/off default white? Please return this functionality!


+1, looking for some hook to use when power is restored to a bulb to resume a schedule or scene.


Created an account just to say this… Honestly, quite shocked that such a seemingly simple thing wasn’t implemented from day one. Would absolutely but more bulbs if this feature were available.